Business Owner; Photographer; Entrepreneur, Traveller.
My travels have taken me from Hudson Bay to Cape Horn, 9 countries in Europe, Thailand, Morocco, and a number of islands in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Atlantic. Yes, I love to travel.
I've taken thousands of photographs, but appear in very few of them. Always in front of the camera, rarely in front of it. I know that happens to a lot of travelers these days. 
I’ve started and operated businesses in three states. I understand the needs of my clients and the difference high quality photography makes in their satisfaction and sense of value. I also understand that there’s a lot of photographers for clients to choose from, so it’s vital that I stand out from the crowd. Words won’t capture your attention, great photography will! My commitment to you is that I'll deliver, quality photographs, great service, and a fun session.  (804)229-0686
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